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完型填空题 1 .C signal 2 .D much 3. C plugged 4. A message 5. C behind 6. A misinterpreted 7. B judged 8. D unfamiliar 9. B anxious 10. D turn 11.A dangerous 12. A hurt 13.B conversation 14. D passengers 15.C predict 16. D ride 17.A wen..

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完型填空题 1 .C signal 2 .D much 3. C plugged 4. A message 5. C behind 6. A misinterpreted 7. B judged 8. D unfamiliar 9. B anxious 10. D turn 11.A dangerous 12. A hurt 13.B conversation 14. D passengers 15.C predict 16. D ride 17.A went through 18.C in fact 19.B since 20 B simple 阅读题答案 Text 1 答案 21. D offered greater relaxation than the workplace 22. B childless husbands 23. A they are both bread winners and housewives 24. C earnings 25. B division of labor at home is seldom clear-cut Text2 答案 26. C miss its original purpose 27. A the problem is solvable 28. C are in need offinancial support 29. D are inexperienced in handling issues at college 30. D colleges are partly responsible for the problem in question Text3 答案 31. A more emotional 32. C sports culture 33.D strengthen employee loyalty 34.A voices for working women 35. C companies find it to be fundamental Text4 36. B the increase of voluntary part-time jobs 37. C cannot get their hands on full-time jobs 38. B shows a general tendency of decline 39. B empolyment is no longer a precondition to get insureance 40.A 阅读新题型 41 .D Most of your fearsare unreal 42. E Think about the [resent moment 43.G There are many things to be grateful for 44.A You are not alone 45. C Pave your own unique path 翻译题 回想一下这样的经历:开车行驶在一条非常熟悉的道路上。这可能是你每天上下班的必经之路,可能是进城的旅行,亦或是回家的道路。不管是哪一种,你都了解每一个屈折拐弯之处,就像熟悉自己手背上的纹路一样。在这些所有类型的旅途中,很容易失去驾车的注意力,并且几乎不注意沿途的风景。结果,比起这段路途实际需要的时间,你的感觉是花费的时间更少。 这就是经常旅行线路效应:人们往往低估了花费在一条熟悉的路线上的时间。 这种效应是由于我们分配注意力的方式引起的。当我们旅行一条非常着名的路线时,因为我们不是非得注意太多,时间似乎流逝得更快。然后,当我们回忆起这段旅程时,因为我们没有花费太多的注意力,因此我们对之记忆地不太清楚,所以我们认为这段旅行更为短途 作文 PART A 【参考范文1】 Notice In order to enrich high school students' life in summer holiday and expand the reputation of our university, the Students Union are going to host a summer camp in our school campus and volunteers are needed.The details about this summer camp and volunteer recruitment are listed as follows.Firstly, the summer camp will begin on September 1st and it will last for ten days. Secondly, the main theme of this summer camp is “Better English, Better life” and there are various activities in this summer camp,including English-speaking contest, drama contest, sports meeting and dancing part and son on. Thirdly, volunteers need to have a good command of English and be enthusiastic in organizing different of kinds of activities. If you have any question or suggestion about this summer camp,please contact us at 12345 as soon as possible. ABC University PART B 【参考范文1】 The pie chart above presents the different proportion of residents'consumption in a Chinese city during Spring Festival. To be specific, the percentage of consumption on New Year's gifts, party, traffic and others is 40%, 20% , 20% and 20% respectively. Surprisingly, the pertinent number about gifts is 40%. Isolated as the figures seem to be, they are connected to one another closely.Undoubtedly, the purpose of the graph is to showcase the diversity of residents ' consumption during holidays in China, especially over-consumption on gifts as a frequent way of interpersonal communication. What exactly contribute to this phenomenon? It's a thought-provoking question. First and foremost, advertisements of mass media, such as radio, television and Internet, might be misleading. Plus,pertinent action taken by the public to put an end to this trend might be little and limit. Therefore, people, men and women, old and young, in mounting numbers are spending too much on holiday gift which floods everywhere. To sum up, there is an upward tendency for people these days to spend money on festival presents rather than other things, which I believe will not change in a short time. To reverse the trend is not a piece of cake, which requires a good awareness of consumption value and interpersonal communication. Only in this way can we have colorful festivals and relaxing times 【评析】 (饼状图)我国某市民春节假期花销比例(新年礼物40% ,交通20% ,聚会吃饭20% ,其他20% )这篇饼状图避开了热点话题,考察主题中规中矩,关于我国某城市居民开销花费问题(生活类话题)。考察的形式是英语二从未考察过的饼状图(在 1997 年考研英语饼状图出现过一次),如果事先准备不充分的考生,很可能会有点恐慌。不过,在我个人的预测班讲义和最后的救命班的课件中已经交代了饼状图的描述方式。针对这篇文章,三个段落的写作分别如下:第一段描述这个饼状图,包括其中各自的数据组成,并且可以将其中最大的一部分即新年礼物的数据突出。最后再简要地交代一句,尽管数字看似孤立,但是数字之间紧密联系。第二段的写法多种多样,如果针对这种送新年礼物的风气进行评析,可以作为一个负面话题来分析原因或者举例子;也可以作文一个正面话题来谈论,谈一谈这种人际交往的形式--互送礼物 ,增强朋友家人的感情;甚至可以作文一个中立话题来谈一谈假期开销在不同的方面,消费方式的多种多样。第三段的写法就是传统地预测一下趋势,对这个事情简要评析一下,在对多姿多彩的社会和假期生活憧憬一下即可。在单词的考察方面较难的单词也不过是居民(citizen , resident )和消费(consume, consumption )。其他的单词就比较简单,包括聚会(party ,reunion) ,交通(traffic ) ,新年礼物(gifts ),其他(others )。 (饼状图)我国某市民春节假期花销比例(新年礼物40%,交通20%,聚会吃饭20%,其他20%)这篇饼状图避开了热点话题,考察主题中规中矩,关于我国某城市居民花销问题(生活类话题)。考察的形式是英语二从未考察过的饼状图(在1997年考研英语饼状图出现过一次),如果事先准备不充分的考生,很可能会有点恐慌。不过,在我个人的预测讲义和最后的救命班的课件中已经交代了饼状图的描述方式。 针对这篇文章,三个段落的写作分别如下: 第一段描述这个饼状图,包括其中各自的数据组成,并且可以将其中最大的一部分即新年礼物的数据突出。最后再简要地交代一句,尽管数字看似孤立,但是数字之间紧密联系。 第二段的写法多种多样,如果针对这种送新年礼物的作风进行评析,可以作为一个负面话题来分析原因或者例子;也可以作文一个正面话题来谈论,谈一谈这种人际交往的形式—互送礼物,增强朋友家人的感情;甚至可以作文一个中立话题来谈一谈假期开销在不同的方面,消费形式的多种多样。 第三段的写法就是传统地预测一下趋势,对这个事情简要评析一下,再对多姿多彩的社会和假期生活憧憬一下即可。 在单词的考察方面较难的单词也不过是居民(citizen,resident)和消费(consume,consumption)。其他的单词就比较简单,包括聚会(party,reunion),交通(traffic),新年礼物(gifts),其他(others)。




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